GENN Specialized in the design of Industrial production protection system for fire and spark hazards. We offer engineered system for textile spinning, cotton gins, recycling and other Industrial applications.

Infrared Spark Detectors are designed to detect fast moving sparks inside the pneumatic ducts. Microprocessor based diversion systems are faster in response and provide the required safety for the machinery from fire.

Fire Divertor
  • Simulation option for Checking detector condition just in front of the Panel
  • Visual and Audible alarm
  • Controlling of Diverter, Damper, Suction Motor and Blow room trip
  • Embedded system based technology run ever faster
Fire detector
Technical Details:
  • Types of Panel : i) Up to 3 Zones  ii) Up to 6 Zones iii) Up to 12 Zones
  • 400 Dia – 4 Sensors, Greater than 400 Dia – 5 Sensors
  • SMS provision for fire occurance
  • Automatic simulation option based on setting time