Homogenization (known in theEg:pharmaceutical industry as micronization) is the process of reducing the particle sizes of Eg:pharmaceutical products, under very high pressures, sheer, turbulence, acceleration and impact, to make them more stable and clinically effective. The emulsion, suspension or solution is pumped into the high-pressure homogenizer after which it is forced through a special homogenization valve at extremely high pressures (up to 1,500 bar / 21,750 PSI). The particles enter the homogenizer with 500 µm maximum sizes, after the treatment the large particles are dispersed and reduced, the particle size typically range from 0.4 to 1 micron depending on the specific application.High-pressure homogenization in the Eg:pharmaceutical industry has proven its ability to make more stable product, with better active ingredient dispersion, than has been achieved with conventional stirrers, rotor-stator devices or colloid mills. It achieves this by reducing the particle size and uniformity under conditions of extreme pressure andstress. The result is a more clinically effective product with greater stability and shelf life. 

Enhance the product in:

  • Homogeneity
  • High tensile strength
  • Product stability
  • Uniformity
  • Consistency
  • Viscosity absorbency
  • High Durability and brightness
  • Shelf life and brightness.

Technical Feature